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Letters received:

Card from the Tashner Family 6/13/14

Good morning,

Here are some photos to choose from for your Home Sweet Home wall of Delores, who is known as Sadie at our house. She is an affectionate, playful, sweet cat who is lots of fun to have around; we just love her. She is very attached to her new people and is always with us when we are home. She participates with the family, whether it is just Craig and me or if the entire family is over. She was also super friendly to everyone (40 people) at our Memorial Day party everyone fawned over her (lots of photos taken and Sadie is on many Facebook pages) she was a big hit and she knew it J

Sadie is beyond happy and she has her daily rituals. Whenever Craig comes home, no matter where she is or what she is doing she runs to him and waits to be picked up for her hello. Attached is a photo showing that she has to knock on the shower door if you are in it, she just wants a hello and if you give her your hand, she kisses it. She is very nocturnal however and plays with her pompom balls (which are many) on the bed in the middle of the night. Who would have guessed that a nine pound cat could make such an impact by jumping around on the bed whapping a pompom ball, and oh yes, she tells them off as she is whapping them. Good thing she is adorable. She wakes me up at 5:15 am every day by kissing my face and when I open my eyes she makes a noise like a pigeon and jumps around the bed all happy.
Click Here Photo #1
Click Here Photo #2
Click Here Photo #3

I received an email about some upcoming events for Catales. I have some upcoming travel so I hope that I am home to participate. Thanks again for all you do for the cats.


Card from the Nolan Family 6/9/12

Just wanted to show you how great I'm doing in my new home! I love to play with all my new toys and I follow my new mom wherever she goes!
Thanks for taking such great care of me until I was able to find my new home!
Click Here Photo #1

Love, Peanut

Card from the Kline Family 05/2012

I wanted to send you the pictures I promised. These were all taken within the first 2 months we had Sadie. Everyone here loves "Tiny". Our other cat, Sprockett, has slowly warmed up to her and they share everything (except his favorite blanket). Black & White bookends sit together to eat and often to nap. Our son is extremely attached and calls Sadie "the baby". Thank you again for taking such excellent care of our "Momma Kitten".
Click Here Photo #1

Letter from the Magnano Family 4/4/12 (written by Marley the kitty"

I am writing to update you all on my new home. I have been with my new family since 11/19/11 and I have been having so much fun. My three siblings welcomed me right away and I was playing with them on day of arriving. On Christmas, mom and dad had so many toys for us! I have sent a picture of the four of us playing with some of the toys.
Click Here Photo #1

My brother Henry is 7 1/2 and I like to follow him around and give him lots of hugs. Most afternoons, we cuddle together and groom each other. I have send a picture of us cuddling. My other brother George will be 7 in two weeks. George and I like to spend time together and you can often find us looking out the windows or the slider door at all of the squirrels and birds in our yard. My sister Dunkin is fun to play with but she doesn't like it when I chase her. If we are going to play together, it has to be because she wants to. But that is okay I still love her.
Click Here Photo #2

My mom and dad love me so much - they give me lots of attention and cuddle with me whenever I want.....
At Night, all four of us sleep with my mom and dad. Then, in the morning, I cuddle with mom and dad until it is time to get out of bed.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and finding me my new home. I miss all of my friend at CATALES.

Sincerely, Marley

Email from the Michlette Family 10/1/11

Hello from Bailey and I! I recently adopted Mr. Bailey and have been nothing but happy with him. He is a wonderful companion and he is just all around great company. The minute my very loving family caught wind of Bailey's arrival, he was welcomed with a shower of kitty toys and accessories. I absolutely love coming home from work, just to be greeted by my faithful little guy who waits for me on my desk. As I type this letter, he is laying in my lap, purring like a motorboat. He has his times where he gets a little mischievous, but it's quite alright. Overall, he seems to be doing just wonderful.

Every night, as I dose off to sleep, I can hear the pitter patter of Bailey come ever so close. He will (like clock work) snug right up to my upper torso, peek upwards and give me a little kiss on the chin. After that, he's out like a light.

He has more than sought refuge behind the TV. I find that, that must be his favorite spot to hide. Even better, he has forced me to invest in a closed litter box, as he dug in his smaller one as if China lured on the other side. All-in-all, I have no complaints. He has made this empty house more lively. Although, I feel he lacks another little kitty friend. I feel he will be happier to have a friend to play with while work has me in their grips

Email from the Clough Family 7/28/11

We recently adopted a beautiful kitty Wendi in June and we just wanted to let you know how happy we are to have her with us and how happy she is. She is just the kind of cat that we were looking for. She loves to play and follows us around the house as if she was a dog. She is affectionate and sweet. Since we've gotten to know her better, we know she loves to steal a sip of water from the sink or tries to drink out of our own glasses! Wendi sleeps near our heads every night and will cuddle with us on the couch. She is getting along well with the other cats in our home too. Her wonderful personality has helped us get over some of the heartbreak we had when one of our cats passed away this past Spring. We are so glad to have her in our lives! Thanks so much!

The Clough Family

Email from Rich 7/17/2011

Adopted Doug (new name Bandit)

BANDIT hops on my lap and at night sleeps on my chest. How about that for my big boy, it's like he's been here all his life. He waits for me to come home from work as he hides during the time I'm at work. He hears me come though the door and he then comes out of hiding to meet me. He jumps up on the couch, flips over on his back and shows me his belly for a belly rub. He's won over Tara & they now play together. Peeshee still expresses her disdain for Bandit. She chases him around the house, growling & hissing, all bushed out. Ginger doesn't do anything yet. He's usually sleeping when she comes out.
Bandit is getting more vocal everyday. He actually sounds like a cat. He used to chirp a little bit and that was his cry. He's a big baby to get his belly scratched/rubbed.

-Rich & Bandit.

Blog by Sharon: 2010

Harley was adopted, please read Sharon's blog about her new family member Harley and the great stories she shares!

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